Cloud Call Recording

Flexible and Secure Cloud Deployment

SIP Print offers the first solution that combines the best of hosted application availability with secure, premise based call recording.

  • Calls are stored locally and securely accessed via our Cloud interface
  • Recording and Playback in standard media formats/players
  • Search by Name, Date/Time, Extension, Area Code/Prefix, Caller ID/Dialed Digits
  • Reporting includes:
      • Top Talkers by Duration and Quantity
      • Inbound/Outbound Totals by User
      • Call Ratings by Agent
      • Most Frequently Dialed Number
      • Longest Calls
      • More…

How SIP Print Cloud Works

Data Collection

Calls are captured and stored locally with available DES file encryption conforming to Federal Information Processing Standards.

Cloud Server Messaging

Meta data is pushed to the SIP Print Cloud over a secure Outbound Connection to NIST compliant servers where the call records are searchable in the SIP Print Cloud Portal.

Playing Recordings

When a User plays a call, the media file is pushed from the premise based SIP Print Appliance over a secure (SSL) connection to the SIP Print Cloud Servers then down to the Users Web client.